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Small businesses go social

Recently I hosted  a couple of ‘how to’ seminars for small businesses in Campbeltown, Argyll.Facebook feedback

The attendees were mostly genuine small businesses – one man bands and partnerships who spend their days and nights striving to be a successful enterprise. Their time and marketing budgets are precious so they need to make sure both are targeted to get the maximum return.

They have a head start – many of them have joined together under the Explore Campbeltown banner to help promote the area to the rest of the world. Campbeltown is unique – check out its location on a map and you’ll see it’s a destination for those determined to experience big skies, big surf and a big welcome.

It was Explore Campbeltown who invited me along to present to its members and experience the big welcome for myself. I wanted to show everyone that using social media can generate leads and sales and can act as an effective customer service platform. You can see the slides I used here.

Feedback on the day and afterwards (via Facebook and Twitter) was positive and shows someone was paying attention!

 So what did I learn?

  1.  Small businesses are keen to make the most of social media – if it’s the right thing for them.
  2.  Most of them were comfortable, confident and competent Facebook users. Facebook was the most popular and preferred social media platform.
  3. Twitter is less popular – and perceived to be more difficult – maybe because it’s easier to get ‘likes’ than it is the get ‘followers’.
  4. You Tube is underused as a potential business tool and instead is still viewed (pardon the pun) as a place to watch videos of cats and people falling over. But the groups I spoke to were keen to give it a go as a marketing tool.
  5. There’s not much time for small business owners to train and learn about social media– those who had used social media in a personal capacity found it much easier to make the switch to a business use than others.
  6. Business groups like Explore Campbeltown are in a great position to help each other out using social media. My feeds are now full of group members liking and sharing each other’s posts – increasing the reach of every post and increasing the potential for sales.
  7. The pace of change in social media means there’s always something new to learn. Pretty much everyone – including me – left with a new skill, tip or trick to try.

So if you want to see how small businesses are using social media you could do a lot worse than search Facebook for Campbeltown – and see what the town’s businesses are up to – then come see them all for yourself!


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